acupuncture for pain

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acupuncture for pain
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by Joanna Zhang, L.Ac, Ph.D.

acupuncture for pain

Activates the flow of blood and energy to the entire face and the corresponding parts of your body

Achieve facelift by bringing energy upward and reduce sagging

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles by inserting directly into fine lines

Stimulate collagen induction. The facial acupuncture regenerates faster the collagen substance, which helps you look more youthful

Activate the lymph system of facial area

Acupuncture needles are very much finer than the needles used for injections and blood test, less than the size of a pore,

Exquisite styles that do not break the skin or are inserted extremely lightly, and virtually painless

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acupuncture for pain

I noticed my eye lifted and my skin felt tightened. ...

I delightly enjoyed my first facial acupucture session with Joanna. Through the microcurrent acupuncture session, I noticed my eye lifted and my skin felt tightened. I have to say it is an incredibile feeling to rejuvenate yourself and see the result. Dr. Zhang is so knowledgable, she also introduce me some herb tea with ZangHongHua, the secret of why Tibet people skin looks spotless even under strong sunlight everyday. I'm embracing with the beauty, feels simply great!- Klara L., Los Angeles*

I recommend her treatment for the family which has kids ...

Dr. zhang is very kind and professional.My 3 years old kid has suffered from coughing and cold for half a month and after taking the medicine offered from Dr. Zhang,he recovered in 5 days. And the herbs powder she prescribed is easy for kid to take, I recommend her treatment for the family which has kids.
- Lan L., Torrance*

I have been able to get rid of stubborn pounds ...

I came based on the yelp reviews. I was looking for an acupuncture weight loss program. I met with Dr Joanna Zhang and she is wonderful. She listens well and is a natural healer with her positive approach. I have been making good progress and have been able to get rid of stubborn pounds. Glad I found her. Highly recommend!
- Diana B., Redondo Beach*

Immediate relief of pain and swelling

Since I started my treatment with Dr. Zhang, I have noticed a significant improvement on my legs and back. Before, I had no feeling when I'd step or put any pressure on my feet. Now the swelling has gone down a lot and my feet have sensations once again!
- Rhodora A., Los Angeles*

I can sleep sound again after so many years

I had diabetes for 20 years. I need get up urination 2-3x every night and can't sleep well. After 2 treatments with Dr. Zhang, I only get up once during one night. After 4 treatments, I can sleep through the night!
- Chris H., Torrance*

*Results may vary from individual to individual