acupuncture for pain

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acupuncture for pain
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by Joanna Zhang, L.Ac, Ph.D.
acupuncture for pain

Acupuncture is effective in terms of treating neck stiffness and pain, shoulder pain, pain radiation to arm and finger numbness.

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Three weeks after a head on collision, I was suffering with severe neck pain and intense headaches. On my first treatment with Dr Zhang, I rated my pain an 8. After the treatment she asked me to rate my pain again and I couldn't identify even a 1. Complete relief after a single treatment. Between each treatment, when my muscles begin to spasm again, I use the essential oil blend she provided to massage the area and relieve the pain. It's going to take quite a few sessions, but, I am healing. The aromatic therapy she provides compliments the infrared and acupuncture to create a deep sense of relaxation. After experiencing such immediate results myself, I brought my daughter for treatment of some chronic symptoms she's had because I know she will feel heard, understood and cared for by Joanna.
- Michelle B., Torrance, CA*

Joanna is professional, knowledgeable and caring. I was referred to her by my husband's coworker. I was experiencing pain radiating down my arm, which has stopped due to her treatments. I was so impressed with my results that I am now bringing my father with me. He is 96 years old and experiences quite a bit of pain due to his arthritic knees. He is already experiencing relief after just a few treatments. I highly recommend Joanna for any and all acupuncture treatments.
- Elizabeth S., Palos Verdes, CA*

*Results may vary from individual to individual

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acupuncture for pain

I recommend her treatment for the family which has kids ...

Dr. zhang is very kind and professional.My 3 years old kid has suffered from coughing and cold for half a month and after taking the medicine offered from Dr. Zhang,he recovered in 5 days. And the herbs powder she prescribed is easy for kid to take, I recommend her treatment for the family which has kids.
- Lan L., Torrance*

I have been able to get rid of stubborn pounds ...

I came based on the yelp reviews. I was looking for an acupuncture weight loss program. I met with Dr Joanna Zhang and she is wonderful. She listens well and is a natural healer with her positive approach. I have been making good progress and have been able to get rid of stubborn pounds. Glad I found her. Highly recommend!
- Diana B., Redondo Beach*

Immediate relief of pain and swelling

Since I started my treatment with Dr. Zhang, I have noticed a significant improvement on my legs and back. Before, I had no feeling when I'd step or put any pressure on my feet. Now the swelling has gone down a lot and my feet have sensations once again!
- Rhodora A., Los Angeles*

I can sleep sound again after so many years

I had diabetes for 20 years. I need get up urination 2-3x every night and can't sleep well. After 2 treatments with Dr. Zhang, I only get up once during one night. After 4 treatments, I can sleep through the night!
- Chris H., Torrance*

*Results may vary from individual to individual