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acupuncture for pain
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by Joanna Zhang, L.Ac, Ph.D.
acupuncture for neck pain

The neck pain and cervical spondylosis is a common condition. More than 85% of the senior people (age 60+) have cervical spondylosis. Even a large proportion of working professional and younger adults suffer from neck pain and shoulder pain every year. As neck plays an essential role in support of head, it is also a vital passage for many blood vessels, including lymphatic circulation, as well as the endocrine, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems. The neck pain and tightness is often accompanied with other complaints such as headaches, insomnia, blurry vision, tinnitus, and allergic rhinitis [1][2].

The Cause of Neck Pain and Cervical Spondylosis
Neck pain can have a variety of causes: stress, inappropriate posture, continuous mechanical strain, a sudden force such as automobile accident. Because the neck or cervical spine is the most active and complex part of the spine, it is more susceptible to injury than another other portion of the spine. The cervical spine move always involve its related soft tissue such as muscle, fascia, tendon, nerves, blood vessels, spinal cord, intervertebral disc, ligament, and synovial etc.. The lesion of any of the above soft tissues can cause abnormal function of the neck. Exogenous factors such as trauma and strain can affect the cervical spine and its surrounding soft tissue lesion, resulting in aseptic inflammation, knots, and lesion.
. This aseptic inflammation often aggravate tissue hyperplasia, scar, fibrosis, calcification, bone and joint fusion.
. The soft tissue lesions can lead to the entire cervical dynamic imbalance, resulting the loss of healthy cervical curvature (neck straightening, reverse curvature, etc.).
This will finally lead to the cervical dynamic imbalance, such as the loss of healthy cervical curvature (neck straightening, reverse curvature, etc.). If these pathological changes are not treated timely, it can develop into cervical spondylosis.

Acupuncture Treatment for Neck Pain and Cervical Spondylosis
Acupuncture treatment is quite effective for neck pain and cervical spondylosis. Patient often feel immediate relief during or after the first acupuncture treatment for neck pain. The studies [3] shows a session of 10 times acupuncture treatment can reduce chronic pain in the neck and shoulders and related headache. The effect lasted for 3 years. In the case of chronic pain, a Harvard medical school health publication [4] stated the benefit of acupuncture is clear, with least side effects comparted to medication. Studies also recommend acupuncture for degenerative neck disorders such as ankylosing spondylosis and cervical spondylosis. In many cases of our clinic practice, acupuncture has worked for patients whose conditions could not be solved using conventional approaches.

Why Acupuncture Works for Neck Pain and Cervical Spondylosis
Acupuncture works for neck pain by not only unblock the meridian channel and remove the blood stagnation, but also loosen up the stiff muscles, tendons, fascia and nerve directly. Once these soft tissues resume its flexibility, it creates more intervertebral space and relieve the lesion of the vertebral artery compression.
Our clinic follows a holistic approach of treatment philosophy to manage your neck pain from external pathogen factors to internal tissue immunity boosting. During our clinic treatment, acupuncture is often accompanied with acupressure and aromatic therapy to reduce spasm and reduce pain. Depending on the patient's chronic condition and severity, essential oil formula and herbal formula is prescribed to increase blood flow and relax the contracted muscles.

See What Our Patients Says
Three weeks after a head on collision, I was suffering with severe neck pain and intense headaches. On my first treatment with Dr Zhang, I rated my pain an 8. After the treatment she asked me to rate my pain again and I couldn't identify even a 1. Complete relief after a single treatment. Between each treatment, when my muscles begin to spasm again, I use the essential oil blend she provided to massage the area and relieve the pain. It's going to take quite a few sessions, but, I am healing. The aromatic therapy she provides compliments the infrared and acupuncture to create a deep sense of relaxation. After experiencing such immediate results myself, I brought my daughter for treatment of some chronic symptoms she's had because I know she will feel heard, understood and cared for by Joanna.
- Michelle B., Torrance, CA*

Joanna is professional, knowledgeable and caring. I was referred to her by my husband's coworker. I was experiencing pain radiating down my arm, which has stopped due to her treatments. I was so impressed with my results that I am now bringing my father with me. He is 96 years old and experiences quite a bit of pain due to his arthritic knees. He is already experiencing relief after just a few treatments. I highly recommend Joanna for any and all acupuncture treatments.
- Elizabeth S., Palos Verdes, CA*

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*Results may vary from individual to individual

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acupuncture for pain

I recommend her treatment for the family which has kids ...

Dr. zhang is very kind and professional.My 3 years old kid has suffered from coughing and cold for half a month and after taking the medicine offered from Dr. Zhang,he recovered in 5 days. And the herbs powder she prescribed is easy for kid to take, I recommend her treatment for the family which has kids.
- Lan L., Torrance*

I have been able to get rid of stubborn pounds ...

I came based on the yelp reviews. I was looking for an acupuncture weight loss program. I met with Dr Joanna Zhang and she is wonderful. She listens well and is a natural healer with her positive approach. I have been making good progress and have been able to get rid of stubborn pounds. Glad I found her. Highly recommend!
- Diana B., Redondo Beach*

Immediate relief of pain and swelling

Since I started my treatment with Dr. Zhang, I have noticed a significant improvement on my legs and back. Before, I had no feeling when I'd step or put any pressure on my feet. Now the swelling has gone down a lot and my feet have sensations once again!
- Rhodora A., Los Angeles*

I can sleep sound again after so many years

I had diabetes for 20 years. I need get up urination 2-3x every night and can't sleep well. After 2 treatments with Dr. Zhang, I only get up once during one night. After 4 treatments, I can sleep through the night!
- Chris H., Torrance*

*Results may vary from individual to individual